My notebook Terry pen holder hack

The excellent blog Journalisimo mentioned the Terry pen clip featured at the Museum of Useful Things. I have an original Terry that has been with me since the late seventies. Most of time it has gathered dust in my box of useful-someday-things. Of couple of days ago, in a sudden rush of inspiration, I hacked the pen clip on the back cover of my notebook:

This is the front of my "The Purpose Driven Life" notebook. I keep my notes and thoughts in this notebook while reading Rick Warrens book. BTW, I highly recommend taking this 40 day journey.
Another hack (sort of) is visible here. I printed out the book cover from Amazon, and glued it to the cover.

And the back. The pens are kept in place by the good ol' Terry pen holder.

I made a cut in the back cover with a an Xacto knife and inserted the pen holder.

And without pens. By putting the penholder like this I keep the size of the notebook to a minimum. No pens that are sticking out. When I'm done with this notebook I can remove the holder. The cut in the cover is barely visible, and can be protected by a piece of tape. Posted by Hello


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