All your GTD Next Actions belong to Word

Flexiblefine has posted his dead simple method to organise his Next Actions lists:

I don't recreate my list every day, I just update it. My Word document is two pages of two columns, printed front-and-back on one sheet of paper. The "front" side has my contexts labeled Work Compuer, Work Office, E-mails, Calls, and Waiting For, plus an agenda for my boss. The "back" side has Home, Online, Errands, Read/Review, Anywhere, an agenda for my wife, and an agenda for a work committee that never meets.

I cross items off as they get done during the day, and update the list during my morning processing session. This way I have a clean, legible list to work from each day.

Go to the post at 43Folders board and take a look at Flexiblefine's screencap of his two-page Word document:

Next Actions - 43 Folders Board


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