Mike Brotherton - Star Dragon

I have just finished reading Mike Brotherton's Star Dragon. It has been release as a free download under the Creative Commons license. I downloaded and read it on my Palmt T3. It was a good entertaining read, imaginative but still managed to stay close to known physical science. A 250 lightyear round trip will take 500 years, Earth time.

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The SS Cygni probe sent back hours of video, captured by the Biolathe AI, but only a few minutes mattered--the four minutes that showed a creature made of fire, living , moving, dancing in the plasma fire of the double star's accretion disk. A dragon made of star stuff, so alien that only a human expedition to observe and perhaps capture it, could truly understand it. It's a perilous journey into the future, however, for SS Cygni is 245 light-years from Earth, and even though only two years subjective time will pass on board the Karamojo, the crew will return to an Earth where five hundred years have passed.


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