Doing The To Do List

I just listened to this radioshow from BBC Radio 3, Between The Ears - Doing The To Do List: Whether it's a nuclear submarine commander remembering his medals, or a poet sorting out the polystyrene under the sink, or the comedian just trying not to lose it, 'Doing The To Do List' taps into people's need - sometimes their obsessive need - to put order into the threatening chaos of their lives.
It was very interesting to listen to these professionals who were anal obsessive about their lists. The show doesn't answer any questions about how to use list, it's more about the attitude to "The List". In some cases, just creating a list were enough to get a peace of mind. Other got a rush from checking items on their list.
However, one comment that I found thoughtful was that, creating a list of things to do in the future were a way of buying another day of immortality. Since we have decided make this things happen in the future we must be there. Right?
Listen to it, it's just 18 mins long. Actually, I recorded the audio stream using PodProducer and listened on my Palm T3.


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