Well, whats in YOUR bag?

I mentioned earlier that my bag is kind of a Inbox for me. I put a lot of stuff in there that I need to transport between home and work. Stuff that unfortunately have a tendency to stay there, so my bag is getting heavier over time. I really need to bring it into my review process...
That is why I haven't contributed to the "whatsinyourbag" tag at Flickr. I'm afraid I have way to much stuff in it. But it's fascinating to peek into other peoples bags, and in some cases I got some ideas on things that could be useful to have in my own bag.

Hm, I just realized that "Stuff" is objects that is not in its proper place or should not exist at all. "Things" are the exact opposite. I want more "things" and less "stuff" in my bag, and ultimately in my life as well...hmm...

Flickr: whatsinyourbag


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