How many is really mastering GTD?

There is a thread at Google Groups : 43 Folders regarding "How many is really mastering GTD?". No one can be a master of GTD IMHO. Maybe with the exception of Rev. Allen. Being a GTD follower since 18 months, I have found that those that are successful with their GTD implementations are those that have stopped trying to fit their life into GTD, and instead tried to make GTD fit their life. I belive this is one of the reasons why many struggle with GTD; they try to implement it "by the book" which is in most cases impossible.

Getting Things Done, GTD, is not a goal in itself. It is one tool (but a very, very good one) of several.


Schedule your GTD Contexts

This article by organizational guru Julie Morgenstern (I have her books in my Amazon whish list) caught my eye. The advice is solid;

Simply put, a Time Map is a budget of your day, week, or month that carves out distinct times for each of the key departments of your life.

...but one of the examples reeked of Getting Things Done:

See? This person has scheduled his GTD @contexts; Errands, Friends, Phone, and also 3 hours for the weekly review, Prep for Week.

For me it makes sense to schedule some of my contexts, at least those that tend to pile up.

Julie Morgenstern: Taking Control of Your Days with a Time Map