Keyboards destroy handwriting

I am a computer user, and have been one for over 20 years. Now when I have decided to start using the pen instead of the keyboard to write, I have noticed how my handwriting have detoriated. I blame that on the keyboard. Ok, you use pen and paper when sitting by the computer, but it's just for jotting down short notes like "call bob" or "2 large pepperonis". Writing longer sentences has put a strain on my hand. But I feel that it is rapidly becoming easier and easier, so in a while my handwriting will be back to how I remember it.
But still, kids today grow up with a keyboard in front of them. One of my kids got an assignment to write a short story. The teacher said that a print out from the computer was ok. I was astounded! If I was a teacher I would demand that short storys where handwritten.
So, I think that the fast growing use of computers in shools will have a negative impact on kids handwriting skills.


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