What should NOT be in my bag?

I have mentioned earlier that I suspected that my bag contained way too much stuff. Looking at photos in flickr with the whatsinyourbag tag it seems that I am not the only one. Cleaning up and organizing my bag is one thing that I have kept on my Someday list, but when I had read Celsius1414's article Zen Pockets I felt the inspiration coming and started the project.
  • First I emptied my bag and all my pockets, everything that I carry back and forth to work every day. It's amazing how much technical stuff we geeks carry around like chargers, TP-cables, several USB-memory sticks, headphones, flashlight and multi-tool.
  • Next I made a list of all the things I had in front of me, everything from credit cards to laptop charger. It became an embarrassing looong list.
  • Then I had to analyze the list and identify the objects that I really needed to have at hand at all times.
  • All the things that was left was distributed between work/office and home. For instance, I don't need to carry around an extra network TP-cable every day. I have Wi-Fi at home, so I left the cable at work. It goes into the bag when I leave on business trips. And I don't need to carry around spare glasses everyday so I leave them at home. If I need them I know where they are.
  • Now I prepared a place at home, a docking station, where I could leave all my things that was previously in my bag. Everyday when I come home I empty my pockets here, and every morning when I leave I pick up the stuff I need for that day. Here is also my cellphone- and laptop-chargers.
Today I bought a new and much smaller bag to use daily because I never carry around more than I need and I never have to search for my things because they can only be in one place, my docking station.

My list of objects that I really need to have at hand at all times is:
  • Cellphone
  • Palm T3 PDA
  • Wallet
  • Moleskine
  • Zipster
  • Pens
I feel that I am in control of my bag now, and it is much much lighter.


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