Wi-Fi in planes, MAKE testing it

Been there, done that. I traveled to Detroit in May with SAS (Scandinavian Airlines). Their planes were the first with Wi-Fi on board, and naturally me and my friend had to test it. Somewhere above Greenland we fired up a laptop, and after wrestling for a couple of minutes with Connexion's payment options we were online. A copy of Skype was downloaded (or uploaded? We were after all above Greenland?) at 45kbs, not bad. After installation my friend placed a Skype call to a landline phone in Sweden and chatted with his pal. Worked like a charm. Two thumbs up.
We were very close to geek nirvana, because the contact in Sweden is working with installing Internet access in trains. That day he was supposed to test a network on a moving train, so we could have placed a computer to computer Skype call from a passengerplane to a moving train. Oooo, the mind boggles...

MAKE: Blog: Wi-Fi in planes, MAKE testing it 7/19/05!


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