Lotus Notes and GTD

In my post @Contexts and Real-Life(tm), Mike of BrownStudiesBlog commented and mentioned that he had rearranged his Lotus Notes years ago, and written about it on DavidCo's forum:

Here's what I attempted with reasonable success at my last job in blending GTD with Notes. Keep in mind I'm still a GTD novice and that Notes was strictly for work-related stuff; I adopted a few strategies I had seen elsewhere on this board. So, mail arrives in the inbox. I may have 5 to 10 long- or short-term projects in play, and I have specially named folders for them...

[DavidCo Forum]

Interesting way of using folders, and I particularly like grouping in projects. I have folders, but they are grouped in more general areas and because of that may include messages pertaining to several projects. This in turn makes archiving impossible.

Thanks for the tips Mike!


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