The proximity candy jar

It's scientifically proved, a clear candy jar in arms reach is emptied faster then a opaque jar out of reach.

Secretaries ate an average of 7.7 kisses each day when the candies were in clear containers on their desks; 4.6 when in opaque jars on the desk; 5.6 when in clear jars 6 feet away; and 3.1 when in opaque jars 6 feet away…
[Boing Boing via 43Folders]

So the reverse should be applicable, if we need to establish a good habit we should put it "in arms reach". This ties to my previous post, where I wrote that I am worried that tasks in my Next Action lists disappears in the pile (read "is forgotten"). A regular reviewing process should help, but the problem still exists in the time between.

The candy jar experiment tells me that the Overprofilic Alpha Geeks that Dan O'Brien (father of Life Hacks) interviewed did the right thing. A simple window with the most current tasks always on the desktop. That is their clear candy jar, their radar screen.


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