Doing it in dashes or butterfly strokes

When you browse around in all the different blogs regarding GTD and personal effectivity, you'll sometime find suggestions that have a common core. One I have found recently is methods to overcome procrastination.

All three suggests concentrated work within a given timeframe. Keith R. and Mark F. also says that you first have to decide what your most important task/project is. Mark F. also suggest that we do it first thing in the morning, before phones, e-mails or IMs has ruined our concentration.
None of three suggests that we complete the task, just that we start and at least move it a step on the way. This is taking the granularity of GTD one step further, doing the Next Action incrementally.

In summary: Doing something is better then doing nothing at all. Giving yourself a fixed timeframe makes it easier to start the work since you know there is an end. Try to do that work during a undisturbed time of day. And finally, when you at last manage to get that heavy train of thoughts rolling, you may find that it's hard to stop.


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