Stockholm Subway map for PSP

A website owner published a JPEG image of the New York City subway, so Sony PSP owners could load it and have it hand. Now the New York City MTA wants a charge the website owner $500 for this obvious public-interest service.

Since then Engadget.com has started to collect PSP ready subway maps from all over the world. Naturally I pitched in with a map over Stockholm subways.

Download the JPEG image here ->

As a side note, calling the maps "PSP ready" is a bit wrong. They are after all normal JPEG images and you could properly use them on a iPod Photo/Nano or any other portable gadget that can display images.


Blogger Hendrik said...


I have made a map of Stockholm's subway lines and commuter trains (including Pendelt├ąg) for Apples iPod Color/Photo.

You can read my blog post and download the map here.

2:37 PM  

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