Cascading Next Actions

According to the gospel of David Allen, whenever more than one Next Action is needed to reach a goal, that goal becomes a Project. Project is placeholders for all those future Next Actions that needs to be done. One has to remember that David Allens "Getting Things Done" system is originally aimed at upper management people. We bottom dwelling geeks have instead lots of small projects with just a couple of Next Actions, so the process of reviewing and keeping track of these is often the big stepping stone in getting your own GTD system rolling.

MarkTAW suggests Cascading Next Actions as a solution; The concept is really simple. You just add a "To" or "For" to your next actions and write down the reason that step is important - what the ultimate goal is. By writing down why you're doing something, you're sure that when you're checking it off, you're re-reviewing the end-goal and thinking about the next Next Action.

I find this is an elegant analog solution, much like its digital counterpart the PigPog method.