Zipster, my Hipster PDA

Finally, a perfect use for all those old Zip disks that I have laying around.

This is my new Zipster. A HipsterPDA clone made of an old Zip-disk case and custom made cards. Using a Zip-disk case has several benefits. It protects the cards, it will stand up on the desktop and since it is transparent you can read the topmost (most important) card when the case is closed.

The cards are of my own design, but I was inspired of Douglas Johnstons DIY GTD Planner and Scott Lawrence Hipster cards. The cards are color coded at the top to make it easier to find different types. Currently I have six different, but I have another 4 planned. I have a second Zipster case in my bag with spare cards. I am also considering having different Zipsters for Work, Home and Church.

If anyone else makes (or have made) a Zipster PDA, please send me a mail: zipster_at_mekkaniak_dot_nu

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(Yes, that's my Pilot GEL-X pen that I reviewed earlier. I'm still using it)


Blogger John said...


Would you please share more details about how you put this together? I would really appreciate it!

All the best,


10:09 PM  
Anonymous Beau Bartoszek said...

There are a few books on the subject, some very

7:34 PM  

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