It's a notebook, not a blog

I'm not the only one who has reacted on Fred's Analog Blog. Paperpete has in his blog Peripathetic left this comment:

The connection is the key to a blog, allowing you to surf away from the blog using its links, and then to surf away from those links, using theirs. The possibility of a non–self–referential, chaotic surf. When you write, however creatively, in a notebook, what you have is — a notebook. Repeat: a notebook.
Not a blog. A notebook. Lots of paper? Writing? Hard covers? No USB port? Ah yes, that’ll be a notebook.

Some Moleskines hack is over the edge, and in a way assumes that the notebook user can't find his or hers hand even if it were in front of them. My personal favourite is the 'virtual quadrant' were you divide every pair of pages into quadrants. This would make it easier to find your notes as they would be "Pages 3, Quadrant C". Why can't you just scan the two pages with your eyes and find the information. I think that would even be quicker than writing down the reference itself.

You can never love your Moleskine... (Paperpete)


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