Zipster update and Programming my Life OS

As previously promised, I have added three Zipster cards (Day, Month and Year) that will form a small Tickler file. The new set of cards can be downloaded from the Zipster guide page.

One blogger who recently discovered the Hipster PDA and the Zipster made a comment regarding the time spent twiddling with paper systems instead of actually doing something, and found it laughable. It is so true. I'm still twiddling with my GTD setup, which has moved from complex digital Laptop/PDA combos, back to 100% analog paper and pencil, and now a combination of both laptop and analog. The problem is that is so darn fun. As an old programmer I remember how fun it was to program and how easy it was to continuing making small improvements instead of just deliver a result.

As a GTD geek I am programming my life's operating system so it will perform better, and that is more fun then just letting the system operate. Fun, but not productive, so I try to minimize the time spent GTD hacking by scheduling it.


Blogger Sunil said...

Christian - your weblog is great. I love all the great tools and tips you have.

I was wondering where you are today in your setup. Right now, I want to move to a hipster PDA, but my main home for my lists is Backpack. Unfortunately, it doesn't have the cool print-to-hpda functionality of GTDTiddlyWiki.

3:46 PM  

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