My list of reading and listening sources

No blog worth its name can be without somekind of list. Here is not one but two(!) lists for you to disregard:

First up is a list of the sites that I try to visit and read every day:
  • Boing Boing - A never ending source of articles and links that will steal your time.
  • 43 Folders - The personal productivity/lifehack site.
  • PvP Online - My favourite online comic.
I have a lot of other sites on my list, but these are the ones that I prioritize. And I use Bloglines for reading.

The other list are my favourite podcasts:
  • Diggnation - Kevin Rose and Alex Albrecht comments on the weeks top stories on digg.com. Hilarious!
  • Mashup of the Week - Great music delivered to your doorstep.
Note to podcasters: Keep the length of the show down! I have stopped listening to This Week In Tech and The Daily Source Code because of this. I can stand Diggnation's 40-50 minutes because it contains a lot of information. But 40+ minutes of tech guys who talks unstructured in each others mouth (Twit) or a ex-VJ who talks mostly about himself (DSC). No thank you. On the other end of the scale we have Merlin Mann (43Folders) who started a new podcast were the shows is around three minutes. Perfect!


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