No paper? No pen?? Start the panic!

I forgot my Zipster at my office today. I didn't think it was such a big deal, I have forgotten my Palm PDA before. You can make without it for a day. No big deal. Yeah, right!
One of the things I did tonight (before writing this) was catching up on all the different RSS feeds I read. Way to many really. Anyway, I got a couple of ideas, and things I wanted to follow up the day after. But I had no Zipster! I actually felt a panic for not having a proper places to jot down memos for the next day. First I thought that I would be able to remember the stuff, but 5 minutes later I realized that I already forgotten one so I had to jot things down on a piece of paper. Now I just have to remember to bring that piece of paper tomorrow.
Food for thought; I lost one good idea after 5 minutes. I wonder how many good ideas I lost through the years just because I believed I could keep them in my head? Will I meet them all when I die?


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