What tools do I have to work on my Next Action?

Mark Taw talks about the @context lists that is the basis of Dave Allens GTD system, and the risk of having to many lists.
I, as many other, more or less copied the contexts that Dave Allen suggested. It took me about two weeks to realize that I had to many lists. For instance it didn't make sense to have three different lists (phone, computer, office) at work.
What I did was sit down and make a list of the different situations I find myself during a day. Places and situations were I could actually work on Next Actions.
The result were revealing, and I have now three lists, Home, Work and Shopping.

However, I did one other thing that was very helpful. For every situation (home, office, bus etc) I made a lists of the tools I had at hand (computer, laptop, phone etc). This made me realize that I shouldn't make my Palm PDA the hub of my GTD system as I had planned, but my laptop (this was before I invented the Zipster). I encourage anyone that intends to start Getting Things Done and is wondering if they should use a hipster, wiki, notepad, PDA, laptop, Outlook, Gmail and what not to handle their context lists, to make an inventory of what tools they actually have at hand.

What context do I put my Next Actions in? :: MarkTAW.com


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