Back @ home, I find MAKE magazine

Things have been silent here since I have visited Belgium for a couple of days. Not much to say about that, it was work and we got it done. However, we had a rental car that we would drive from the airport to the office in Braine L'Allude. Strangely enough, the car rental couldn't provide us with a map, and no map was found in the car! So when you rent a Keddy, make sure you bring your own map. This had us going one and a half lap around Brussels before we found our destination...

Anyway, back at home I found that I received the premier issue of MAKE magazine from O'Reilly. It is a DIY magazine for nerds, geeks and tweekers. Everything from how to make aerial photography from a kite to blogging. I love it and recommend it warmly to everyone. Heck, it even has a Life Hacks column by Merlin Mann (43Folders) and Danny O'Brien(Lifehacks.com).


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