Smartcaze, a better wallet?

In an earlier post I talked about my bag, and how I cleaned out the stuff and streamlined it. One of the things in my bag is my wallet. I felt that it should get some kind of modernization too, but I didn't quite know how. But now I may have found a product that fits the bill.

With the catch phrase "A big wallet isn't cool", Smartcaze market sleek, hard shelled wallets made of epoxy, metal and/or leather. They have a ton of different designs, ranging from outrageous to business. I have ordered two different designs and will come back with a review as soon as they are delivered. I will also check if a Smartcaze can be used as a luxurious Hipster PDA.

Unfortunately they only sell to countries in Scandinavia, at least for the moment.

Link: Smartcaze Scandinavia


Blogger kirsi said...

Thank you very, very much of the information about Smartcaze. I've got a wallet like yours (the "golden" one). It has been broken since a very long time ago because I let it fall several times. Anyway I liked it very much, so I've used it with an elastic band.

I've tried to find a new one all ower the web and found Symnova but not any retailer. Mine I've got from Sweden 5-6 years ago.

Then I luckly found your blog and was happy to get the information about a retailer. I've already ordered a new one. You saved my day!


//kirsi from Finland

10:53 PM  
Blogger digitalwrex said...

I have one like the gold one as well. I have had it for several years and the hindge just broke. Does anyone know where I wight be able to buy a new one? I live in the US.

11:10 PM  

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