Don't touch that laptop!

D. Keith Robinson over at To-Done blog has a short article about taking notes by hand instead of using a laptop.

Over the last year or so, when I attend conferences (or meetings, or anything I want to make sure I remember something) I leave my laptop either in it’s bag during sessions, or I don’t bring it at all.

I have used a laptop during a few meetings, but realized quickly that it is ineffective and a distraction not only for yourself but also for the other people in the meeting. A couple of times visiting consultants have done their notes on their laptop, and I have found it immensly irritating.
You don't know if the person that hides behind the laptop (thats how it feels) is listening to you, fiddling with the software or just playing Minesweeper.

Next time a consultant uses a laptop during a meeting I will politly ask them to put it away and give them a notebook and a pencil.


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Viva la Pencil!

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