Smartcaze revisited

To answer a few questions regarding Smartcaze:

The Smartcaze brand is only sold in Scandinavia, however when I looked inside the Flipover case I saw a trademark. Searching the net I found the manufacturer in Taiwan, Symnova. So I suspect that there is other online stores selling "aluminum wallet" or "metal wallet".

Update: There is one retailer in USA, Pocketpaq, that seems to carry the same products (Thanks Mel)

How does it handle money bills then? Fold it and insert it in a pocket. Coins? Forget it. The Smartcaze is very credit card oriented and that suits me since I mostly shop with plastic. Anyway I was looking for smaller wallet so I wouldn't be able to fill it with a lot of unnecessary stuff.

My wife made me stop putting my wallet in the back hip pocket years ago. It ruined the jeans (she said) and it was ugly (she said). One of Smartcaze good points is that I can throw it in my bag without it opening up and spilling its content as the soft leather wallet tended to do. I have also done some unscientific tests and found that wearing the Smartcaze in a hip pocket works surprisingly well. Best is of course the Luxury Curve that slides down like a hot knife in butter. They are not heavy at all, and I would in fact say that the Flipover is better then my old fat leather wallet.

More details when I have used my Smartcaze some more.


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