Carry your lists on your Sony PSP

When I was in Chicago I bought myself a Sony PSP. Apart from gaming I use it to watch downloaded videos and listen to podcasts. But from time to time I have wondered if the PSP can be used for other, more GTD like tasks. The PSP doesn't have any PDA like applikations like calendar or notebook (I think there is a good reason for this. More on this subject in a future article).

My GTD related PSP hack is to put your lists ready and readable on the PSP. The solution is simply to print to a JPEG image and store that image on the PSPs memory card.

In the above image is the @Groceries lists from GTDTiddlyWiki.
The software I used is PaperlessPrinter that is free for noncommercial use. I printed to standard A6 papersize. I have not made any changes in GTDTiddlyWikis CSS file, although I think that increasing the size of the typeface could be an improvement.

Above is the @Research list from GTDTiddlyWiki in PSPs portrait mode. When printing you can set the destination folder to the PSP when it is connected with USB. In Firefox I set all printing margins to zero.

I also tried printing from Backpack, and it worked like a charm:

Of course images work just as good:

The above image is zoomed in 50% on the PSP. Backpack's text is still fully readable.

Those of you who keep your lists in regular textfiles can have a look at JPEGbook (available for Mac OS and Windows, scroll down to find download links) that exports to JPEG specifically for reading on the PSP.

Now, is this really useful? Well, maybe. Printing on a paper and putting in your pocket is properbly easier, but when you don't have a printer available this can be an alternative (oh, you need a Sony PSP though). Is it geeky? Right on!


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