Pens! Who need them?

When you decide to start using a Hipster PDA there is one big problem.
Where do you keep your pen? You can easily put the index cards in your back pocket, but the pen? It's hard and pointy and you can hurt yourself with it when sitting down.
My solution? Recently I stopped carrying a pen at all times. I realized that I am surrounded by pens. There is a pile of them on my office desk, at least two different places on each floor at home, and a couple in my car and in my bag. So I have almost always a pen somewhere in my vicinity. Unless you are very particular about always using the same pen in your hPDA, this is a workable solution.


Blogger brownstudy said...

I find the same thing with deciding some days not to wear a watch. I'm surrounded by timepieces in my car, the office, my computer, etc. When I want to stop feeling hurried/harried, I leave my watch at home knowing that I'll easily be able to find the time.

4:02 AM  
Blogger Chet said...

Me, too, I don't wear a watch for the same reasons. The time on my handphone (mobile / cell) is my watch.

10:41 AM  

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