Screenshot to Sony PSP using AutoHotkey

In my earlier post, Google Maps on Sony PSP, I described the steps for placing a screenshot of a Google Map on Sony PSP memorystick. What I basicly do is take a screenshot of the currently active (focused) window, paste it into IrfanView and save it to the memorystick.
A couple of days ago I realized I could automate the process using AutoHotkey. AutoHotkey is a free mouse and keyboard macro program with hotkeys.

My AutoHotkey script is activated when you press Win+Alt+G, and it takes a screenshot (Alt+Prtscr), starts IrfanView, paste the screenshot and saves it on the MemoryStick as a .JPG image with a unique timestamp. Zoom! All with one single hotkey.

If you decide to use the script you will have to edit the path to your PSP/Memorystick. I have a subfolder in PSP\Photos called Screenshot. You may also have to edit the path to the IrfanView executable.

Download the script here -> psp.ahk


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