Nano Nano!

I have seen reports on the Internet regarding how easily the iPod Nano is scratched. I can only confirm this sad truth. Back from Hamburg, having owned my Nano for just two days the case is scratched. I have been very careful but still, there are scratches. The case is also harder to keep clean than my Sony PSP. Besides, polishing the iPod Nano with a cloth will properbly just scratch it more. Pity for such a great product, and I hope Apple changes the material in the case ASAP.


Blogger John said...

Here is a link from the MAKE blog on how to restore a scratched Nano:


Hope this helps!


7:21 PM  
Blogger memorykeeper said...

You will definitely be happy to hear that you are amongst the many who have had issues with the iPod Nano. ABC News reports that Apple will be replacing such units. But scratched cases might be a little hard to fight over.

~ Memorykeeper

9:43 PM  

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