My circadian rythm, one month later.

After experimenting with my circadian rythm for a month, what is the result?
  • I still need my alarm clock to get up in the morning.
  • I have been using the silent hours on early Saturday or Sunday mornings to:
    • Take walk while listening to a podcast on my MP3 player
    • Reviewing my "stuff"
    • Read articles that I wouldn't have time for otherwise
    • Do some planning for my next week at the office
  • My wife loves this, because I have the breakfast ready when she wakes up
  • My collegues at work thinks I'm crazy
Lately I have found myself slip back into night sessions by the computer, but I still find myself more productive in the morning than late at night.Thinking and planning is much easier in the morning when you and your brain are relaxed.

So the result of the experiment is positive. I will continue for another month and recommend you to try it too, at least for a month.


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