Doing GTD with a notebook

As you may have noticed, I am using notebooks. But I can't get myself to use a notebook for Getting Things Done (tm). To do this I have to divide the notebook into areas for Next Actions, Stuff, Context lists. That is to rigid for my taste, I like to be able to move things around, shuffle the lists. On the other hand, using a completely loose leaf system is not my cup of tea either.

Around comes PigPog with a brilliant solution; keep the lists out of the notebook. Just use the notebook for collecting and processing. This insight plus a simple but very visual way of bookmarking with Post-it tags makes it into perfect solution.

But what about the context lists? You must be able to carry around at least one Next Action list? Here I intend to use an idea from Jeff Torgerson. He uses a Moleskine and tape DIY Hipster PDA pages into it. I don't particularly like to tape pages into the notebook, so I intend to use my holder hack (or a variant of it) to keep loose DIY Hipster PDA pages.

So by combining PigPog PDA, Torg's Moleskine, DIY Hipster PDA and Holder Hack I think I will have the perfect analog GTD system for my needs. More later when I have this Frankennotebook in my hand.


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Blogger Chet said...

You might want to look at the circa filing system at Levenger. You can make your own notebooks using the circa rings and a circa punch. The punched holes are open-ended, so that you don't have to open the rings to take out a page, but just pull out the pages and insert them in another section.

No, I'm not a Levenger employee, just a big circa fan. :)

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