iPod Nano scratching

Kudos to John who pointed out the Make article about restoring the iPod Nano with Brasso. The article writer, Todd Daily, writes:

I don’t think the nano has a problem with being excessively prone to scratching.

Todd basicly means that things get scratched when you use them, get over it. That is true of course, but I still think that the iPod Nano is prone to scratching. I have a Sony Ericsson K750i phone that I got about a month before the iPod Nano. It has had the same type of treatment, I put in my pockets, some times together with other things. No scratches. None at all.

Apple says that the Nano has the same material in the case as earlier models. My guess is that the combination of black shiny plastic and a tiny format made scratches on the iPod Nano more visible then on earlier, white, iPod models.

Looking at my Sony Ericsson phone and my Sony PSP, I suggest that Apple pay a visit to Sony and get some tips on high quality material for the case.


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