The joys of sensory deprivation

There is an intersting thread at Google Groups : 43 Folders regarding sensory deprivation (i.e. less RSS, IRC, IM, e-mail and WWW) to enhance daily focus. Some quotes:

Basically I read this article about sensory deprivation chambers and I was thinking about how oversaturated I am with information and cognitive simulation throughout the day, so much so that I'm always ooperating in this state of panic that I'm missing something critical. Thinking about this, I posit a way to do this with electronic information, focusing your zone of perception on one thing at a time.

And so, I decided to go on a diet. I'm cutting out media for the month of November. ... David even says that GTD is designed to remove the burden of your tasks from laying heavy on your mind, but that doesn't mean we should be filling it up with other crap.

And some links to people who are cutting down on their info diet:
Chris Thompson

The last couple of months I have been thinking myself about my infoconsumption. How did I get by 20 years ago? Now I often find myself consuming information without digesting it. So it is actually time wasted since I never let myself reflect on the information, just letting it sweep through my mind.

Just as your body needs a diet, so does your brain.


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