Make your left brain understand your right hand

In Merlin Mann's latest entry at 43 Folders, My txt setup, he talks about using text files and how to name them in a logical way. He uses a system of meta-symbols and data fields. When I read this I was reminded about something similar that has been on my mind for awhile.

Whatever system you ultimately use for handling your "Getting Things Done", you will always make short notes to your self. You may write them on Post-Its, in a notebook or in your PDA. These notes end up in your inbox to later be processed during your review.

I have found that I have a very hard time writing complete sentences. My notes are often terse, just a couple of words quickly scribbled down. One recent example:
In my notebook was one entry: "ProcessTamer"
What it really should say was: "Download and try out ProcessTamer when you get home"

I usually figure out the meaning when I later read the note. The words trigger my memory and I remember what I was thinking when I wrote it. Handy but not quite up to GTD standards since it's not completly out of mind. I still depend on my memory to hand me all the details later.

Merlin Mann's entry made me think about how I write, and maybe I could use some system of icons, meta-symbols or tags to add information to my notes. A kind of GTD specific shorthand?
My above example could then be:
"H: DL ProcessTamer"

Another good thing with using tags is that you can quickly scan your notes and find those that use similar symbols.


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