The same amount of work done in less time, then relax

It is now over a year since I started to do GTD. Yes, I have certinly been Getting Things Done but I have still far to go before I reach the ultraefficient nirvana so may other GTD bloggers apperently have managed. My first feeling is "failure", but I reminded myself that I have been doing this for over a year and have no intention to stop and that is a achievement in itself. My next feeling was "please guys, get a life!".

I suspect that many GTD afficionados sometime do totally unproductive things like watching a rerun of Star Trek or play Unreal Tournament. They just don't mention it since then you would be "unproductive" and wouldn't be "moving towards your lifegoals".

From what I read on the different GTD blogs it seems that people use GTD to squeeze even more productive hours out of their life. Hey, Steve Pavlina even changed his sleeping pattern! Once again, "get a life".

For you who are new to GTD and personal productivity here's an advice: relax! You may get the impression that GTD and other productivity methods is meant to get more work done in the same amount of time as previously. That is true, as long as you don't define "time" as "all hours I am awake". I suggest that you set the goal to "get the same amount of work done in less time".

Getting the same amount of work done in less time sounds like a much better goal. If I am more productive I will get some more time to goof of, eat good food with friends or watch another episode of Lost. Your new personal productivity will immediately reward you with more possibilities to relax.

Don't feel bad when you take some unscheduled time off to do totaly unproductive things. As long as you feel good about it and you get your work done in time you are truly Getting Things Done.


Blogger Steve Pavlina said...

The whole point is actually to get a life and to enjoy it. You might enjoy reading this article, which seems to fit your views:

The idea isn't to work more and more but rather to get more and more value out of life. Nothing wrong with playing video games if it provides value for you. The right game can be a lot of fun.

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