Getting a Life by GTD

I would like to go back to my post from December, The same amount of work done in less time, then relax. I wrote:

From what I read on the different GTD blogs it seems that people use GTD to squeeze even more productive hours out of their life. Hey, Steve Pavlina even
changed his sleeping pattern! Once again, "get a life".

And Steve Pavlina replied:

The whole point is actually to get a life and to enjoy it.

Well, sorry Steve if my words sounded harsh. Hey, I even tried changing my sleeping patterns myself based on your earlier experineces! But polyphasic sleep is over the top IMHO.

Anyway, the key phrase in my post is "it seems that people use GTD to squeeze even more productive hours", and I just want all new GTD followers to relax. The point is, as Steve says in his comment:

The idea isn't to work more and more but rather to get more and more value out of life. Nothing wrong with playing video games if it provides value for you. The right game can be a lot of fun.

So, you who have just found out about GTD, personal productivity and lifehacks, keep a cool head. Keep a life. With a proper personal productivity system in place you can sit down and play a game and feel good about it.


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