Most popular posts 2005

Time to summarize my first blogging year. Over 100 posts of varying quality, most of them about Getting Things Done, GTD, lifehacks, HPDA, Hipster, notebooks, pens, Moleskine and my precious Sony PSP.

The most popular posts are (drum roll...):
  1. Google Maps on PSP, it is still visited daily mostly via Google searches.
  2. Zipster, my Hipster clone. Putting specially designed index cards in a Iomega Zip case is still drawing attention. As featured on MAKE Magazine blog.
  3. Terry Pen-Holder hack. I'm still getting e-mails from people who want to know where to find this gadget. I still don't know any retailer. Do you?
  4. Make a Fliptop Hipster PDA in two minutes.
  5. Notebook Note-Holder hack. As featured on Moleskinerie.
Looking at the list I realize that my hacks is more interesting then my posts, at least in the long run. Anyway, I'm always surprised that anyone finds any interest in my ramblings.

Looking forward to another year blogging, and this time I aim to double the number of posts!


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