Streamlined @Inbox capturing

Another insightful post from Douglas Johnston regarding the capturing of the information that collects in the Inbox.

...the primary challenge is often in the streamlined capture and movement of your task-related materials.

I have tried several different ways to implement GTD, and they have all failed one way or another. I discovered that the problem was the different ways I receive information into my Inbox at work or at home. The more complicated it was to move that info into my GTD system, the more likely it failed.

At work I receive almost all information via e-mail. If I were to use a paper GTD system it would mean that I had to write manually from e-mails into my Hipster hPDA. On the other hand, at home almost no information is received electronically. If I were to use some smart software, I would have to run to my computer everytime.

The best solution for me (so far) is to have two GTD systems, one for work and one for home. At work I use Lotus Notes, and with a simple click I can copy an e-mail into my Notes To-Do list which I have setup with GTD like categories. At home I'm going 100% analog instead, paper and pencil is alwas available.

It is also a blessing to separate work from private life, this way I can better concentrate on whats relevant depending on the situation. Besides, my paper GTD is in my bag so I can access it at work, and my Notes is synchronized into my Palm PDA so I can check it at home.

Link: a million monkeys typing. The Paper Planner Inbox


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