Notebook note holder hack

First of all, I dont experiment on my precious Moleskine (as seen in the background). It's a much cheaper softspine notebook thats is my Frankennote.

As a sidenote, I have recreated the Moleskine paper wrap with the aid of a color print-out and a bit of clear packing tape.

This idea came to me a week ago. By folding a paper in a zig-zag pattern and flatten it you'll get two, three folds that can be used to keep notes available and readable without falling out of the notebook.

The more pieces of paper you stick into the folds, the better. Even when I shaked the notebook vigoursly nothing fell out, not even when there was a single piece pf paper in the holder.

Its made of regular copier paper and fastened with scotch tape. I think this is a good alternativ to Moleskines accordion pocket, and you can keep loose notes in the notebook without having to use clips.


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