Playing around with the Sony PSP browser

I have updated my PSP to firmware 2.0, and have been playing around with the new built-in browser ever since. I think it works surprisingly good, even though graphic intensive webpages can give "out of memory" error. The PSP has also locked up a couple of times. I have also found that there is a big speed difference if you set the WiFi power-save off or on. When off the browser is much faster, but batterytime is shortened. The only thing that is really annoying is that the browser almost grind to a halt when it's downloadin a webpage. Since you can have up to three tabs, I would be great if you could scroll one webpage while another is loading.

My favourite website when browsing on the PSP is Bloglines. Their mobile version works perfectly, and I can get my RSS fix anytime without having to open my laptop. When it comes to productivity I found that Backpacks mobile version is fully functional. The only that is not working (as far as I can see) is creation of new pages and sections.

My wish for future versions is a more streamlined and faster code, and if Sony could possible squeeze Java and/or Flash support into it.


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